What are We Doing to Make Your Visit Safe?

What Are We Doing to Make Your Visit Safe?

We continue to modify and add changes to our patient care to maximize the safety of our patients, staff and doctors. Here is a list of many things we are now doing differently to reach this goal.

  1. Masks: All persons able to wear masks inside our office must due so. This includes children at 10 years and younger if able.
  2. Low Contact Visits: We escort you to and from your room, no surface contact, payment by phone.
  3. COVID Visits Outdoors: All possible COVID cases or direct contacts are managed by telemedicine or as a car visit.
  4. Cleaning: Every surface a visitor touches is cleaned.
  5. Screening: We screen every visitor with COVID screening questions and take temperatures on every patient, and sanitize hands.
  6. Reduced Bodies: We request only one parent and no siblings to each visit to reduce odds of COVID contact.
  7. Telemedicine Options: As long as your insurance allows, we are happy to convert most any visit to telemedicine at your request.
  8. Testing: All tests (COVID, Strep, Flu) are done outdoors.
  9. No Waiting Room: You must wait in your car or outdoors until your escort is ready. Our lab area is also closed except for ear piercings.