The staff of Heritage Pediatrics is happy to welcome you to our practice.  Our goal is help make your visit to our office smooth and efficient. Please be sure to ask for more information about the following services when you call to make an appointment for your child.

Information on these services are alphabetically listed below.  To read more about each topic, please click on the drop down arrow featured to the right of each service.

We are honored that you have chosen us as your child’s healthcare provider and hope that the information below helps provide patient education that compliments our in-office care.  Please call our office with questions………We are here for you!  

After Hours Phone Support

Once phones are rolled over to our after hour answering service, press 0 for an operator and you can have the doctor on call paged. If you press 1 you will get the Methodist nurse help line (22-NURSE). They do a wonderful job of answering questions. However, if the wait is too long or you would just like to speak to the doctor, there is always one on call. If you hear our "in office" voice message, or the phone just rings with no answer, you can reach our physicians directly by calling (303) - 715 - 6019. We rotate our call between the four Heritage Pediatrics doctors during the week and rotate call each weekend.

If it is after hours and you have a true life-threatening emergency, CALL 911. If it is after hours and you have an emergency that you know will require an emergency room visit, go to Methodist Children's Hospital Emergency Room and call us on your way. If the nurse help line instructs you to go to the closest Emergency Room (again call us on the way if you know you need to go) or you are wondering if you should take your child in, please call and have the doctor on call paged. We can often talk through medical conditions on the phone. We may give you home care instructions and follow up the next day in the office or with a phone call. We may instruct you to do a few things and call you back in an hour or two. If we think you do need to go to the Emergency Room, we will call ahead and let them know you are coming. If we think your child needs to be seen, but does not need an Emergency Room, we may direct you to an after hours Pediatric Urgent Care (shorter wait and lower co-pays).

Due to HIPPA regulations, we don’t have correspondence with the nurses at the 22-Nurse help line. If you speak with the nurse one evening or on a weekend and you want us to know about the phone call, please contact our office the next business day.

Behavioral Consultation Services

Behavioral Consultation services are performed in the afternoons as the appointment tends to take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. We realize that parents have many concerns so these consultations are scheduled accordingly so that all may be thoroughly addressed. With this in mind, there are designated days for these appointments: Dr. Fitch – Thursdays, Dr. Tardy – Wednesdays and Drs. Gibson and Hall – upon availability.

If you are seeking an ADHD evaluation, our physicians will need a few evaluation forms completed so that they may review them with you during your child's appointment. Click ADHD Forms  to download, print and complete these forms before your child's appointment.

Complimentary Prenatal Visits

Complementary prenatal visits are available. Expectant parents may come meet the doctors and staff, tour the office and in-house lab, learn about office hours, policies and procedures, and ask questions.

Filing Insurance

We will submit each office visit to your insurance plan if we are contracted with that plan. It is important that you show us your insurance card at each visit so we can ensure that your insurance is active. Though it is ultimately your responsibility to make sure your insurance is active and you know what services are covered and not covered, we try to find our as much information about your insurance before we take you back to the exam room. This may occasionally delay you at the check-in, but we want to try to prevent unexpected charges as much as we can. We know that insurance plans are complicated, but try to know as much about your plan as you can before you come into the office for your visit.

To learn more about the insurance plans that Heritage Pediatrics is contracted with, please refer to our INSURANCE page by clicking here


For more information on our doctors individual immunization schedule, please click on the link's below.
Dr. Fitch's Immunization Schedule 

Dr. Gibson's Immunization Schedule

Dr. Hall's Immunization Schedule 

Dr. Tardy's Immunization Schedule 

We believe immunizations are critical to your child’s protection and require up to date
vaccines as provided by our vaccination schedules. We are happy to discuss the concerns you
may have regarding vaccines or our recommended schedule. Though we can alter the
schedule some, please know that it is in the best interest of your child and other children in
our practice to vaccinate as close to the recommended schedule as possible. All school
required vaccines, no matter the schedule selected, must be caught up by milestones at 2
years, 6 years and 14 years.

Lab Services

We provide a variety of in-house lab testing services such as: rapid strep, monospot, influenza, urinalysis, lipid panel, hemoglobin/hematocrit and newborn blood screening. Tests sent out for results usually take only 48-72 hours. If you have been waiting for results for more than a week, please call our office for results.

Pediatric Specialist Referral

Referrals to pediatric specialists – For HMO insurance policy holders these must be processed through our referral coordinator by calling (210) 930-2359. Please be prepared to provide the desired specialist’s name, date of appointment and diagnosis. Referrals may take up to 72 hours to be processed. PPO insurance policy holders must be processed by your doctor. Most often, we simply transfer patient records to the preferred specialist.

Prescription Refills

Each prescription refill notice should be made 24 hours in advance. Refill requests for non-controlled substances should be made to us by your pharmacy. Once your doctor approves the request your pharmacy will be notified.

Controlled substances, such as those prescribed to treat attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) must be hand written by your doctor each month. All requests should be made 24 hours in advance. Please make sure to have complete information when calling, e.g. drug name, strength and dose. Use of these drugs is carefully tracked and documented so accuracy is important. (Drs. Fitch, Gibson, and Tardy charge a $5 preparation fee for all refills.)

Same Day Sick Visits

It is our intent to schedule visits for sick patients the same day the appointment request is made. Calling as early as possible provides us with better flexibility to make this happen. We realize that having a sick child is never easy and we want help by getting you in as soon as possible. If our schedule is filling up, we can have you speak to a registered nurse to offer home care advice until your child can be seen or determine if they need to be seen sooner.

Friday Afternoon and Saturday Morning Urgent Appointment Clinic

We’re open each Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, to our existing patients, for urgent care appointments only. On Saturdays, we start seeing patients at 8:00 and close after the last scheduled patient is seen. These appointments book up early, so please call early if your child needs to be seen by one of the doctors.

Simple Medical Procedures

Many simple medical procedures can be performed in our office by the doctors unless they feel that the patient should be referred to a pediatric specialist for care. Some of these procedures include wart treatments, suturing/gluing of simple lacerations, skin tag removal, and incision and drainage of abscesses. Please be sure to inquire our staff on the individual physician's protocol for scheduling these procedures.

Sports/School/Camp Physicals

Sports/School/and Camp Physicals are covered in yearly well visits. If your child has had a well visit within the past 12 months we can fill out these physicals forms from that well visit. Some summer camps require a physical to be preformed within a shorter time frame than the last 12 months. If your child has had a physical within the last 12 months but longer than the camp requires, call our office and we'll come up with a plan to get the form filled out. If a significant health injury or event has happened between the time of the last well visit and the date the form has been given to us to fill out, please let us know. In these situations we may need to schedule your child to come in for an interval visit before filling out the form. March-May and July and August are the busiest time to schedule these physical/well visits. Please call several months in advance to ensure we can see your child before the form is due. Any paper work must be turned in to us as soon as possible as our turnaround time is 72 hours

Below are links to area pre-schools where you may download necessary forms that have been posted online. For middle and high school sports participation forms, please go to your district website and print out the form.

Acorn School 

Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church Day School 

Alamo Heights United Methodist Weekday School 

Christ Lutheran Day School 

Northwood Presbyterian Day School 

Pop Warner Football 

St. David's Episcopal School 

St. Luke’s Episcopal School 

St. Mary’s Hall 

St. Pius X Catholic School 

Well Child Visits

Yearly well visits are one of the most important visits of the year. Preventative care is important to keep children healthy. Sports, school and camp physicals are included in the well child visits. At these visits your child's height, weight and head circumference (18 months and under) will be recorded and plotted on a growth curve. We routinely do yearly vision screens from 4 to 18 years unless it has been done at school or at an opthomologist office. We routinely do hearing exams from 4-10 years unless it has been done at school or an ENTs office. A complete physical exam is done at each yearly visit. In addition to the above we cover the following and more at these visits: development, nutrition, behavior, limit setting, school performance, anticipatory guidance, extra-curricular activities, family / life stresses, puberty, peer pressure, sexuality, parent / child interactions / respect issues, child self-responsibility, allowance and financial training, etc. We can not cover all of the above at each well visit which is why we believe it is important to have these yearly visits. Since we have a lot we try to cover, if you know you have other matters you would like to discuss at your child's well visit, please let us know ahead of time so we can schedule the appropriate amount of time for that visit. Please note, your insurance may charge you a copay or apply the visit to your deductible if we cover other issues at the well visit. March through May and July and August are busy seasons for well visits. Please schedule these visits several months in advance if you wish to schedule during these months.