Joshua C. Tardy, MD, MBA, FAAP


Dr. Tardy was born in Michigan, but lived in Edmond, Oklahoma for most of his childhood. He has said he’d always had a clear calling to become a pediatrician. It began as gratitude, cared for by many as an often ill child. His mother, who was a nurse, taught him about the compassion of the medical field and his father, who worked as a hospital administrator, taught him about business acumen. By high school, pediatrics was the clear goal and he hasn’t looked back.

After high school, Dr. Tardy came to Texas to study at Abilene Christian University where he met the wonderful woman, Evan, who would ensure that he made Texas his permanent home. They married while in Lubbock, where he completed medical school at Texas Tech University. He then completed a three year residency in Nashville, Tennessee at the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt.

Dr. Tardy was welcomed into what is now Heritage Pediatrics in 2010, after taking over the practice of retired pediatrician John Beauchamp. His personal time is spent with his wife Evan and their four precious kids, Caleb, Savannah, Christian and Clark. When time permits, he enjoys tinkering in the garage, traveling, and playing with his kids. Dr. Tardy and family are very active in their church as well.

When asked what he likes best about being a pediatrician, Dr. Tardy says “My greatest joy is making relationships with each family over time. I believe health and life are better measured by quality than quantity. As your child’s doctor, I am in the unique position to know their medical, family and social history. I think about your child in broader and deeper terms than an urgent care or walk in clinic. I always tell medical students that children are truly unique as patients. They tend to heal quickly, and they always leave you with a smile on your face. These two things make for a rewarding day. “

Dr. Tardy on vaccination: “I believe immunizations are critical to your child’s protection. Therefore, at Heritage Pediatrics we require that all patients are up to date with vaccines as provided by our vaccination schedules. I am happy to discuss with you the concerns you may have regarding vaccines or the recommended schedule. Though we can alter the schedule some, please know that it is in the best interest of your child and other children in my practice to vaccinate as close to the recommended schedule as possible. All vaccines must be caught up by milestones at 2 years, 6 years and 14 years if they are behind.”