COVID Contact, Now What?

COVID Contact, Now What?

What if my child is exposed to COVID-19?

We have seen a large increase in patients for exposure to known cases of COVID-19. As the cases rise in Bexar County, it is increasingly likely that your family will come into contact with someone who tests positive for the disease.

We encourage you to call us with any questions if you think you have been in contact with a known or suspected case of novel coronavirus. Also, call us for any fevers over 100.4F or symptoms that are consistent with COVID-19. Below are basic guidelines from the CDC for suspected COVID contacts which we are using at Heritage Pediatrics.

I just found out that my child was around someone who tested positive for COVID-19. Now what?

First off, clarify what if your child meets the current definition of exposure. This is critical to knowing if you need to do anything more.

To be considered exposed, a person must have:

  • Contacted someone with a positive nasal swab PCR or antigen test, NOT an antibody test AND
  • Contacted that person intimately (hug/kiss) or been in close proximity (<6 feet) for >15 minutes AND
  • Contacted that person while infectious; either 2 days before the positive test or symptoms began

If your child has been in contact with known COVID-19 person for the above criteria, the CDC currently recommends that you quarantine for 14 days, regardless of symptoms. This is very important to reducing the spread of the disease. Testing may also be warranted to determine whether further quarantining should start with the close contacts of your own child.

These guidelines are confusing. Please call us or the SA Metro Health Department for guidance on your child.

As we continue to move forward, please practice social distancing and wear your mask. Our collective willingness to practice these habits for the greater good of our community will define the amount of illness and death we have in those we love. Please be safe and be for others.