New Patients

Whether you are an expecting parent, a parent to infants or toddlers, or a parent with growing adolescents, we welcome you to our practice and look forward to caring for your next generation. When you visit our office, you will find a warm environment that was designed with kids in mind.

New Patient Forms

Download, print, and complete these forms prior to your appointment. Having these documents completed, helps our staff ensure that your visit to our office goes smoothly. If you are unable to print at home, please call our staff and they will be happy to mail you paper copies.


Expecting/New Parent

Our physicians would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy! This is a special time for you and your family, and to prepare for your baby’s arrival, we have organized some helpful information below.

  • Choosing a Pediatrician: If you are new to our practice, we would like to first thank you for considering our physicians as your child’s healthcare provider. To get to know our practice better, we invite you to set up a personal interview with one of our physicians during the final months of your pregnancy. This type of visit allows our practice to provide you with a personal introduction to our physicians and staff and also answer some of your basic pre-delivery questions. Also, please visit our physicians’ individual website pages to learn more about them: Dr. Castillo, Dr. Crews, Dr. Fitch, Dr. Gibson, and Dr. Tardy.
  • Last Minute Activity List: Check out this list of helpful activities to consider before delivery. –
  • Insurance: When your baby is born, we recommend calling your insurance plan and giving the full name (including Jr, III, etc, not including nicknames, which confuses the insurance company) and date of birth. You must call your insurance company and add your new baby within 30 days of the child being born. Either you or your companies HR department must make this call. We know this is silly. Your insurance company knows you were pregnant. But, even though they know this, even though they paid the hospital visit, and even though you may have other children on your family insurance plan, you still must call. If you fail to do so, you may have to wait until the next open enrollment to add your child. For more information about our insurance panel, click here.
  • Post Hospital Newborn Visit: Our physicians like to see all first time parents and babies in our office 2-3 days after discharge from the hospital, otherwise at 1-2 weeks (Please consult the individual doctor for his specific preferences).At this visit we will check the baby’s weight, examine the baby, and answer any questions that may have arisen since arriving home. We will then see your baby back at 2 weeks to do a second newborn screen and the first Hepatitis B immunization, if this wasn’t administered in the newborn nursery. The rest of the well checks are as follows: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 30 months, and 36 months (Please consult the individual doctor for his specific preferences). Annual visits are done thereafter.
  • Sick Visits: Sick visits are usually scheduled the same day you call for an appointment. We ask that you let us know in advance exactly what you are coming in for. This helps us to determine if it’s a chronic issue that may need more time allotted enabling us to minimize wait for you and other patients.

Having a Second Child?

We always accept siblings of established families, even if our physicians’ panel is closed to new patients. Please call our office with your anticipated due date. We are always honored to care for your growing family!

Childhood Continued Care

After the first two years of life, we like to see our patients annually for well exams through their high school years. There are a variety of changes that occur in childhood and adolescence, and our role is often to address any questions or concerns. Your child’s health does not simply include their medical state. It also includes their emotional, social, and mental health. Please feel free to bring these up at any visit.

March, April, May, July, and August are very busy months for annual check-ups, so please schedule these early.