As You Wait

When you login for your telemedicine visit you will be put in the queue. Please be patient with us as we figure out the proper timing of scheduling these visits. Our office staff won’t be able to see who is waiting in the queue as this will only be on the doctor’s computer. If you want to make sure we haven’t forgotten about you, feel free to call the front office and they can check for you. We want to be able to address your questions. Particularly at first as we are all figuring this out, we may have to schedule a follow-up visit if you have more questions than the allotted time we have for the well visit. Please also know that your little children don’t have to be in the picture the whole time we are talking. Your doctor will want to see them and communicate. If they are sick, seeing them will help him to assess the severity of their illness. Your doctor may ask many of their questions to the child when they are 4 years and older. There may still be times when he will want to visit with adolescent patients alone. So, there may be times that your doctor will ask that the adolescent be able to go to a separate room for these conversations. This is the same as would be done in the office.