Testing In Depth

Heritage Pediatrics now has both nasal PCR tests and rapid antigen tests available to identify novel coronavirus.   Each has their benefit depending on the situation.   The rapid antigen test gives you speed (takes about 20 minutes) and ease (just a shallower nasal swab).  However the PCR gives greater chance of finding a case of COVID-19.  Current PCR tests take about 48 hours.   Depending on your situation, we will decide the best test to perform.  Antibody tests are not considered diagnostic for current infection and therefore are not used to diagnose an active infection.  Those that should receive diagnostic tests are those with COVID-19 symptoms who have been exposed to others, and those with close contact with a confirmed COVID case.   Insurances cover PCR near-universally and most insurances cover the rapid testing as well.  

     While supplies are available, we will provide contract tracing and symptomatic testing for anyone in the family who might spread disease to our patients.  Call if you need a test for more details.