Starting May 18th Heritage will begin seeing patients 10 years and older for well visits in the office, along with infants up to 15 months.  We are still being cautious, but are encouraged that the numbers are relatively low in San Antonio.  We will keep a close eye on the number of cases in Bexar County the next couple weeks as the city begins to open up more.  We feel the 10 year and older well visits are a good place to start, as we carefully watch the number of cases in the country, as this age group doesn’t touch as much in the exam rooms as toddlers do. 

As possible, we will still ask that one parent / guardian brings the patient to the appointment and will ask that both the parent and the older child wear a mask (except when we are examining the mouth).  Our waiting room will still remain closed and families will call when they get into the parking lot to be escorted into the office.  We will still ask screening questions and take temperatures of everyone entering.  Please notify us if the parent or your child or anyone in the household has had fever within the last week, a new cough, sore throat, or vomiting and diarrhea.  We will re-schedule you or move the visit to a telemedicine visit.   After each visit our nurses will disinfect the room before another patients is brought back.

If you would still be more comfortable doing a telemedicine visit, we will offer this through the end of May.  We are lobbying for insurance companies to continue to pay for telemedicine, but right now we don’t know what will happen in June.  There are a few insurance companies (Aetna being the largest) who are still not covering well visits via telemedicine.  If you have one of these insurance plans, and are doing a telemedicine well visit (age 18mo -9 year or by preference over 10 years), we will ask you to come to the office the same day to do an exam in the car.  We will continue to do immunization in the car for patients who are doing a telemedicine well visit.  Our hope is that we will continue to open the office to more well visits in June.  This will obviously depend on what the number of cases in Bexar County is doing.  If the number of cases begins to rise again, we will go back to more visits being done via telemedicine.  Thank you for being patient with us through this process.  Thank you to the 100s of you who have invited us into your homes during telemedicine visits.  We can’t tell you how much we look forward to having all of you back in the office.  Telemedicine has served and will likely continue to serve to some degree a vital purpose, but we cant wait to have you back in person.