As we all set in to COVID fatigue, we want to remind you how to keep a COVID test in context.

6 tips to prepare your child for easy COVID-19 testing

There are many tests that are available to diagnose coronovirus, and NONE OF THEM are guaranteed find COVID if it is there.

PCR tests will find novel coronovirus in an infected person the most often, with studies speculating 70-95% of the time (geek out here).

Rapid antigen tests will find COVID around 95% as often as PCR tests above, which is slightly less than 70-95% of the time. We prefer rapid tests in most situations due to the balance of low cost, fast turn around and sensitivity. We will occasionally perform a backup “reflex” PCR test if your antigen test is negative but the suspicion of COVID is still high.

When your child comes in for a test to determine if they are safe to return to school, we are not solely relying on the test to determine safety. It is, in fact, the history, relevant risk factors, types of symptoms, types of contact, duration of symptoms, local disease burden AND tests that we are taking into account. Please know that it is not as simple as a test yes or no.

We are here to answer any questions you have.