Please review this telemedicine section of our website before you call in for you telemedicine visit. New patients, click here for forms.

Review the instructions below for whichever type of visit you are scheduled for. 

Read First: Basic Telemedicine Instructions

If your visit is a well visit on/after June 1 and you chose to do it via telemedicine, complete the ABN waiver form to assume the financial risk here.

What to type into my browser for my visit:

Well Visit:

Well Visit Checklist (obtain before your visit)

  • Weight in pounds
  • Height (lying down until 2 years old) in inches
  • Head Circumference (2 years and younger) in inches

Video:  How to take well visit vital signs

All vaccinations will continue to be given if due via a car visit.

Well Visit Forms

Sick Visit:

Sick Visit Checklist (obtain before your visit)

  • Weight in pounds (sick and consult)
  • Temperature (rectal if under 2 months old)(sick only)
  • Respiratory Rate in 1 minute (if possible) (sick only)
  • Heart Rate in 1 minute (if possible) (sick only)

Video:  How to take sick visit vital signs

Please Note: When you login for your telemedicine visit you will be put in queue.  Please be patient with us as we figure out the proper timing of scheduling these visits.  Our office staff won’t be able to see who is waiting in queue as this will only be on the doctor’s computer.  If you want to make sure we haven’t forgotten about you, feel free to call the front office and they can check for you.