Rising Cases 7.1.20

Find out what you can do and what we are doing with rising cases here.

Modifications to Keep You Safe

Find out what we have done to your visit to keep you safer when you visit.

COVID Contact! Now What?

As cases surge in our area, find out what to do if/when your child comes into contact with a known COVID person here.

All Well Visits Now in Office!

As of June 1, we are now offering in office well checkups for all ages. More info here.

Parenting Resources: APA

More parenting resources for managing the chaos and anxiety from social isolation may be found at the American Psychology Association.

How to Open Your Social Circles 5.7.20

May has seen a shift towards opening businesses and reducing social distancing. Find out how we recommend balancing the risk of exposure with the benefits of being in community here.

Telemedicine Consults at Heritage Pediatrics

As of 3/23/20 Heritage Pediatrics provides most visits over telemedicine. All questions related to how this works and how to prepare may be found here.

Also, check out our Philosophy of Telemedicine and Financial Questions about Telemedicine.

What About Vaccines?

Please don’t let your vaccines get behind. This is what we believe.

Talking to Your Children About Coronavirus

Emotions are running high.  Schools are closed. People are working from home and uncertainty about the next few days and weeks is at an all time high.  As adults, many of us are feeling the stress that comes from so many unknowns.  For children and teenagers, stress levels may be even higher as they are out of their routines, not able to see their friends and not able to go many places.  Below are some tips on how to talk to your children and teenagers about Coronavirus and how to cope with the days and weeks ahead.

What are coronaviruses?

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard about the novel coronavirus also known as COVID-19. 

What are coronaviruses? Click on the link below to read more