As you know, the CDC has recently offered an alternative pathway to end quarantine for close COVID-19 contacts down to 7 or 10 days if the local health authorities deem it safe to do so.  This option is shorter but has a higher chance of spreading COVID.  The intent is to increase compliance with quarantine universally.   However, currently Metro Health is continuing the 14 day quarantine policy in effect due to rising case numbers. For those of you wondering what our take is:  we agree, we recommend completing a 14 day quarantine.  The number of breakthrough cases, particularly in rising cases, is too high.

To reiterate: currently Metro Health in Bexar County is continuing to require 14 days, which means that all students must follow the 14 day guidelines.

For those that are still told to follow a 7 or 10 day quarantine, we suggest increased distancing and masking through 14 days.  Get tested for any symptoms no matter which quarantine plan.  

Lastly, remember that any quarantine timeline starts on the last day you were around a contagious person.   For families, this often means a quarantine doesn’t end 14 days after the COVID family member ends their 10 day isolation (10 days + 14 days).

Confused?   We get it.  Call us.  Also, more details can be found here:  Part 2: The Details