Posted by heritagepediatrics On September - 3 - 2013

We just received word from the health department that Pertussis, or whooping cough, is reaching epidemic proportions here in our state. This bulletin was just released. Pertussis is most dangerous to the very young. If you are an adult caretaker of an infant, make sure you are up to date. The current pertussis vaccine is far from perfect. Current studies are looking at the weaknesses of our current TdaP which is protective. The more recent you have been vaccinated, the better the vaccine. It is out of date after 5 years.Pertussis-HealthAlert-09032013

On a similar note, there is a measles outbreak calming down in North Dallas ( ). Many may have read the news of the 21 children and adults who contracted measles when in contact with an undervaccinated traveler from Indonesia. Measles is highly contagious with a 90% rate of transmission to the unvaccinated. It is fatal in approximately 1 in 1000 cases. The vaccine is highly effective, but not perfect. Also, around 9% of adults never completed a second boost of measles vaccines. If traveling to Dallas in the next week, make sure to talk with you hosts if you have children under 1 year who have not been eligible to receive their vaccines. High risk individuals can be vaccinated down to 6 months. In fact, if your infant is going to Europe or Mexico/Central/South America before age 1, ask us about chicken pox and measles vaccinations before you go.