As many of you know, we at Heritage Pediatrics have been working diligently towards gaining access to the Oscar insurance network. We understand that for many of you , this is the only affordable option for you and your family.

Over the past 3 years, we have attempted to develop a relationship with Oscar insurance.  In 2015 and 2016, they did not permit application of providers outside of the Baptist (Tenent) Healthcare System.   In November of 2017 we gained some traction and found that they would be offering individual contracts to groups such as Heritage Pediatrics.   

     From November 2017 to April 2019, we have been trying to succeed in networking with Oscar.   The process has been terribly inefficient and we have spent countless work hours prying small progress from their management divisions.   In 2018 I took over the negotiation contracts directly and had to reach out to their national vice president to get things moving.   In the fall of 2018 we were making some progress on a contract that was not favorable for Heritage Pediatrics, but would suffice for covering those of you who needed network status. 

     Unfortunately, the process of credentialing has also taking much too long.     After another 3 months without success, I made the executive decision that we could no longer continue a relationship with an organization on these terms.  We terminated the network process this month in light of the entire process.  This means that we will not be in network with Oscar insurance for the foreseeable future.

     We made this decision with great hesitancy.    In truth, if it weren’t for those families which it so greatly affects, we would have backed out of the contracting process long ago.   But we truly wanted to make this relationship work.  

     While I know this does not provide a satisfactory outcome for your child’s insurance coverage, I hope you can understand why we made the decisions we made.   We did not intend to lead you to a false belief.   We may reconsider in the future if their processes become less burdensome.   We hope that this provides you with the requisite information you need to make decisions for your family going into 2020.    


Josh Tardy, MD

Heritage Pediatrics