Posted by heritagepediatrics On December - 14 - 2012

In anticipation for the New Year, Heritage Pediatrics is excited to launch our new website!  We are proud to be integrating technology to offer our patients and their families the best in patient communication, education and customer service.  As the “face” of our practice changes (new name and logo), our commitments to our patients will proudly remain the same!

Heritage Pediatrics: New Name, Same Practice

Some of you may be asking, “Why the new name?”.  For over 50 years we have practiced as individual pediatricians sharing space and call.  Due the rapidly changing healthcare environment, it was recommended to us by our attorney and accountant to formalize ourselves as a group.  Our attorney affectionately referred to us as a “dinosaur”.  A successful dinosaur, but a dinosaur none the less.  Becoming a group will allow us to simplify billing and expenses, and make it easier to negotiate with insurance companies.  We have also been amazed how often families don’t realize there are more than two doctors in our practice.  So, branding our practice allows the community to know that we are a group.  The end result of the above is that beginning January 1, 2013 we are, Heritage Pediatrics!!  Our name is twofold.  First, we are continuing our pediatric practice based on a heritage of pediatricians who have gone before us (see Our Heritage on our website).  Second, it is our desire to partner with our families to develop a lasting heritage for your children.  So, what will change?  Really, not a lot will change.  You may hear us answer, “Heritage Pediatrics” when we answer the phone.  You will notice new signage in our office, and on our letter head and prescription pads.  You will get statements from Heritage Pediatrics instead of from individual doctors.  Besides that, we’ll be the same pediatricians and the same friendly staff that we have been for over 50 years.

You may also be asking, “Why the new website?”.  Well, it was probably about time for us to enter into the 21st century of technology.  Change is hard for Dr. Fitch and Dr. Hall, but the young Dr. Tardy is bringing them around.  We really are excited about this new website.  We wanted to make it top notch, so we hired an excellent consultant group to help us get it up and running.  Please know our website is not just for new families checking out our practice.  We hope you will find our website informative and instructional and fun.  So, please take some time to go check it out.  In our individual physician pages, you can watch Dr. Hall play his fiddle, check out Dr. Fitch’s recommended book list, or check out Dr. Tardy’s immunization schedule.  Before you come for a first visit to our office or before you come to your first visit of the new year, go to Patient Forms under the Resources tab and print out forms to bring to the office (this saves you having to fill out paper work in the office while trying to keep up with your little ones).  Check out our frequently asked questions page, FAQYou can go to our What’s New tab to find out the latest on influenza or see fun pictures of the staff at holiday parties.  Finally, perhaps you better take a seat before you read this, we have Facebook.  Dr. Tardy had to explain to Drs. Fitch and Hall what this is, but all agree it has the potential to be a great way to communicate with our families.  If you sign up on the RSS tab, we’ll contact you every time we update our website, allowing us to keep in constant contact.  So, you might get a message that says, “Flu vaccine is here;  schedule your appointment.”, or “As we approach spring, remember to schedule your camp and sports physicals.” or “Check out the What’s New tab on our website for a great article the doctors recommend.”  So, the sky is the limit.  After you have had a chance to review our website, please give us your feedback.

Welcome to Heritage Pediatrics,

Dr. Fitch, Dr. Hall, Dr. Tardy & staff