Looking for masks that are kid friendly? Currently, the mask mandate guidelines suggests children 10 years and older to wear masks in public. But recently the AAP strongly encouraged for the ages 2 and up to follow the mask guidelines as well. The important thing to remember for a mask to be the most effective is the mask to be worn correctly. Over the bridge of the nose and bottom of the chin covering the mouth. The more the layers and lining of the mask the better. Gaiters have been shown to be less effective because most gaiters material easily allows more respiratory droplets to pass through the material. It is important to remember any face covering is important than not one at all. 

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some options on my own children to compare what would be most tolerable once they return to face to face learning again. 

First option we purchased was the Cub Coats masks that are designed for the ages 4 and older. They are made with 2 layers of cotton fabric with a feature to place filters inside. Each are reusable with recommended hand wash for care. The ear loops are elastic and each set comes with two masks that are designed with a cute animal face for 12.99. There are options for girls and boys. Recently they have come out with reversible options as well with a variety of prints. 

My son is a bigger 4 year old and I was surprised that the masks were actually a little big. It’s not a problem once I loop the ear elastics and secured the metal nose piece to his nose. He enjoys the mask and I think it’s a great option for the new kindergarteners this coming year. They even fit my 8 year old comfortably. 


For my daughter I decided to go with a less child like mask print by Onzie. Each set comes with two masks that is pre-assorted for $20.00. They are designed with a multi-layer fabric and have Full Flex spandex technology that basically makes the mask very flexible and comfortable. The site states they are designed for children ages 5-10. My daughter is 8 and slightly tall for her age but I felt the mask was a bit too small. I feel the sizes are more appropriate for ages 4-6. She loved the prints but unfortunately after a few minutes complained of discomfort. 


I’ve researched a few other options that I feel will be great as well if hand washing a mask everyday becomes too much of a task. 

Crayola.com are offering convenient School Mask Face Mask Packs which include 5 daily color-coded reusable masks for kids, parents, and teachers! These masks are available for pre-order with different styles and adjustable options. They will also include a mesh bag and calendar card! Great option once we return to in class learning!


Disney has also come out with mask options for children and adults as well and are also available for preorder. The site has many options as well as a cloth mask sizing guide so you can choose the best fit for your child or yourself. 


These are all great options and it is convenient that there are different options online. 

Also, if you child gets sore ears or the loops don’t fit well, consider ear savers.    If their glasses fog up, add nose clips or try the tissue trick.

I know we are going through unfamiliar times as a nation and we are learning more about this virus each and every day. But we all know for certain right now that masks work. . Although sending our children back to school in masks may not be ideal.. remember these times are just temporary. This too shall pass. I hope these ideas and options helped and would love to know if you all have any other suggestions as well. Stay safe and well. 

-Nurse Monica at Heritage Pediatrics

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Alternative reusable and disposable mask options linked below

Reusable Mask Example
Disposable Mask Example