Posted by heritagepediatrics On September - 12 - 2014

We have received numerous calls about if we are currently giving flu vaccine, and we want to update you all as best we can.

We have plenty of flu shot and will begin giving that to everyone after 9/15/14.

There has been a significant delay in the distribution of FluMist, the intranasal flu vaccine. We have received a few doses, but not enough to advertise that we have stock because we have already run out twice. Our understanding is that to date, HEB, Walgreens, and CVS have not received FluMist either. We expect to receive more doses in the coming weeks, but the manufacturer cannot guarantee exact dates.

You should know that for children aged 2-8 years of age the FluMist is about 80-90% protective. Flushot in that age range is around 50% protective. After 8 years of age, both shot and Mist products appear to approach 50% effectiveness. That means that we recommend FluMist over flu shot for your children under 8, unless there is a reason they should avoid a live vaccine.

If you are wondering if we have Mist, check back with our website or follow us on Facebook. We will publish there as SOON as we have product. Whether you desire Mist or shot, you must have an appointment if you want to come and get it. So please call if you have questions.


The Docs at Heritage