Posted by heritagepediatrics On October - 1 - 2014

We have received another small shipment of FluMist today, and are only scheduling 48 hours in advance to receive it. AGAIN, this (very) slow shipment process is going on across the nation, NOT just with our office.

*We still have more on the way, so please be patient. As long as you and your children are vaccinated by the end of October, this will cover you in plenty of time for flu season.

*Our employees, doctors and their children still haven’t received their FluMist either, so rest assured that we are in the same boat.

*Lastly, we ask that you come to us (and NOT HEB, Target, etc) to get you and your child’s FluMist or Flu shot, for these reasons:

1.) If there is a recall, we will have access to the information in your child’s chart.

2.) We can bill your child’s insurance, so there is not any out of pocket expense to you.

3.) The doctors of Heritage Pediatrics want to be able to document how your child reacted to the flu vaccine, so they know if they need to do anything different in the future.