On November 2, the CDC ACIP voted to recommend the use of Pfizer BioNTech’s COVID vaccine for children 5-11 years under an emergency use authorization of the FDA.  

    We understand that a spectrum of feelings toward this vaccine exist.   We have reviewed the available information and find that the data supports offering children aged 5-11 vaccination.   The risk-benefit proposition in this age group is similar to influenza vaccination and other rare but serious infections.  However, we recommend that each family consider their situation, risk factors, community spread, and value systems to determine if this vaccine is right for you.  It is not a required vaccine for school nor our practice policy.

We have attempted to answer many of the questions we are receiving in an FAQ on our website found here.  If you have multiple questions related to this vaccine, we may not be able to answer them all by phone and encourage you to schedule an appointment to discuss with your doctor. 

For those of you who would like to schedule your child’s vaccine, please visit heritagepediatrics.fullslate.com