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Posted by heritagepediatrics On February - 18 - 2021

*****UPDATE Friday 2/19 10am***** Heritage Pediatrics is fully open for patient care. Our phone lines are on and we are seeing patients in the office. If you have a medical question, need rescheduling, or other concerns, give us a call. There remains a doctor on call after hours for urgent or emergent concerns. The best way to reach us for this is to call the main number (210) 804-2301 and follow the prompts for a  [ Read More ]

Posted by heritagepediatrics On April - 16 - 2015

Race to Nowhere, The Dark Side of America’s Achievement Culture—a highly recommended documentary, now available on iTunes. Featuring the heartbreaking stories of students across the country who have been pushed to the brink by over-scheduling, over-testing and the relentless pressure to achieve, “Race to Nowhere” points to a silent epidemic in our schools. Through the testimony of educators, parents and education experts, it reveals an education system in which cheating has become commonplace; students have  [ Read More ]

Posted by heritagepediatrics On December - 12 - 2014

If you are employed by a local or surrounding ISD, this information may be important for you. In December we were made aware that many ISD’s in our region offered a health insurance plan that we do not contract with. ISD’s offering TRS ActiveCare plans (Alamo Heights, Southside, Randall, etc.) had three options for employees effective 9/1/14. The ActiveCare Select option is a restrictive network that does not include any pediatricians in our local community,  [ Read More ]

Posted by heritagepediatrics On October - 29 - 2014

Good news! We are now in possession of our full stock of FluMist and flu shots. Please call and schedule your appointment today, if you have not already done so. Remember, flu season has peaked earlier than average during the last two years. We want you to be prepared!

Posted by heritagepediatrics On October - 16 - 2014

Good news! We are now scheduling appointments for your child’s (and your) FluMist or shot. Drs. Fitch and Tardy will be scheduling patients both Friday and Saturday this week for those who would like to come in just to receive their FluMist or shot. Drs. Gibson and Hall will be scheduling patients for the same on next Wednesday. Please call and get these appointments set up soon.

Posted by heritagepediatrics On October - 9 - 2014

Over the next two weeks, we should be receiving a larger supply of FluMist! When we have a sufficient supply, we will start scheduling FluMist administrations more than 24 hours out. Thank you for your patience as FluMist orders have been delayed across the nation.

Posted by heritagepediatrics On October - 8 - 2014

We all know that TV time is not recommended for kids.  But we also live in the real world where meals have to be made and parents have to shower!   Here is Dr. Beers reminding us to be thoughtful about babies and TV.

Posted by heritagepediatrics On October - 8 - 2014

In the US, measles is rising.  Virtually all cases of measles are imported from international travelers who are unvaccinated, bringing measles into communities of undervaccinated individuals.  Measles is fatal around 0.1-1% of the time, and causes brain damage (from encephalitis) in around 1% of cases.     We routinely vaccinate for measles at 12 months and 4 years of age.    Be aware when you travel…   If you are traveling outside of the US,  [ Read More ]

Posted by heritagepediatrics On October - 1 - 2014

We have received another small shipment of FluMist today, and are only scheduling 48 hours in advance to receive it. AGAIN, this (very) slow shipment process is going on across the nation, NOT just with our office. *We still have more on the way, so please be patient. As long as you and your children are vaccinated by the end of October, this will cover you in plenty of time for flu season. *Our employees,  [ Read More ]

Posted by heritagepediatrics On September - 26 - 2014

We’ve reached a tipping point. From schools banning homework to the American Academy of Pediatrics sounding the alarm on a student sleep-loss epidemic, communities are more restless than ever to break out of our current education culture. This fall, we have an unprecedented opportunity to channel our collective will into national action. Starting TONIGHT and continuing through October, Race to Nowhere will air on public television’s World Channel, reaching 70 percent of households across the  [ Read More ]