The long summer break is over.   Whether you are all online or starting school face-to-face, here is what we want you to know about COVID-19 this fall.

Mask Best Practice

Most schools are requiring masking for kids this fall attending face-to-face.   If you child is going to wear a mask, you may want to know what the best masks are to wear.   The best mask is the mask your kid will keep wearing.  If they are compliant, good basic principle is that thicker materials with minimal leaking are best.   For the details of all things gaiter, home cloth and disposable masks…. click here)

What if my kid has a cold?  Will they get sent home from school?

Policies vary by school, but most public schools will have strict plans to send kids home for any symptoms of coronavirus.  The Texas Education Agency (public school) mandates that any child with possible COVID-19 must stay home for 10 days from the start of symptoms or must have an alternate diagnosis from a medical provider.  

      That’s where we step in.   If you child is sent home from school or may have symptoms of coronavirus, call us!    We have both rapid antigen tests and PCR tests depending on the situation, and we are examining sick kids in cars or online every day.   If we can find a probable alternative diagnosis, we can provide you with the documentation needed to participate in school once the child has recovered.  For all questions on current testing, click here.