In this uncertain economic time, we understand you may have many questions about the cost and financial burden of doctor visits, balances, and specifically telemedicine. Below is an explanation of those topics.


As you are probably aware from our communication with you, we are moving most visits to virtual telemedicine (Basics of Heritage Telemedicine) as of Monday, May 23.

Well Visits

As of the time of writing, we do not expect insurance companies to agree to pay for virtual well visits. They will pay for all vaccines given.  If your insurance is in effect but does not cover any portion of a well child telemedicine visit, we will not hold you financially responsible. Even without getting reimbursed we feel like this is the safest and most ethical way to proceed.

As has been the case for the past several years, if during a well visit we discuss and treat a separate medical issue (i.e. an ear infection), we may have to submit that in the bill in addition to the well visit topics.  In that case, your insurance may charge you a copay or the visit may go towards your deductible.   

Sick Visits and Consults

Sick visits appear to be largely covered by most plans as of Monday, March 23.   Cost-sharing varies by plan, so contact your plan if you have questions about copays and deductibles.

Families that are cash pay (including some on healthcare sharing ministries such as Medishare) will be charged the same rate as if a visit in person.

In summary, you should be responsible for the same amount for a telemedicine visit that you would be for an in-person visit.  If you do receive a charge that you are unsure about, please call to discuss with our business office.