Heritage Pediatrics COVID-19 FAQ’s Round 2

  1.  Is Heritage Pediatrics offering testing for patients with suspected COVID?
    1. Yes, Heritage Pediatrics offers PCR testing with a nasal swab for suspected COVID cases as appropriate and per guidelines.   Our turn around time on testing has averaged around 36-48 hours.  Call if you have questions.
  2. Has Heritage Pediatrics had patients with COVID?
    1. We have patients and their families who have tested positive for COVID.   We have had no tests, however, that have been positive originating from our office.  We have had no patients hospitalized due to COVID symptoms as of this date.
  3. When will we be able to…..__________?
    1. We do not know when the social distancing efforts will be lifted.   Yesterday, 4.15.20 was the second largest reported cases of COVID-19 in Bexar County.   We are optimistic that restrictions will be lifted in phases over the summer and fall.  It will be up to policy makers as to how that moves forward.  We expect school will resume as normal in the fall.
  4. This is lasting so long and things don’t look as bad as they seemed.  Can I start distancing less?
    1. We do not believe it is time to expand your circles yet.  We know that it is tempting, but we need more positive momentum before we can risk loosening contact.
  5. When is Dr. Hall going to play some more fiddle on Facebook or Dr. Fitch going to do more Tic-Tok?
    1. Don’t you wish you knew?
  6. How is telemedicine going? 
    1. We have found telemedicine to be capable for continuing care for nearly all health issues.   There has been a steep learning curve, but if you have a need or question, it can get you through this time safely.  Much more info can be found here.
  7. How does a telemedicine visit get paid?
    1. We launched telemedicine early in the pandemic before we knew if insurance would even pay for it.   We felt it was the safest thing to do.   We are committed to making sure that every visit by telemedicine is no different in cost than if done in person.  For more information, visit here
  8. Is it a problem if my pet is on my telemedicine call?
    1. All of the doctors have loved being invited into your home.   We have met many dogs, cats, chickens and grandpas.   Our most recent favorites have been cannon balls in the pool.
  9. Should I do a telemedicine well visit now, or wait until the pandemic is over?
    1. We encourage you to not wait to do a well visit if you are due.   We are still providing developmental, growth, behavioral, nutritional, social and emotional care and screening at every well visit.   Vaccinations continue via our outdoor clinic.  You have plenty of free time now, which will disappear later.  We have openings now, which will disappear when this is over.   We expect our wait lists to grow this summer and fall if restrictions are lifted. 
  10. How will forms get filled out if we do a telemedicine well check or physical?
    1. We have a plan to ensure you will have the forms you need, when you need them.  Any further physical exams that are necessary will be made up efficiently when it is safe to bring you in.


Heritage Pediatrics COVID-19 FAQ’s Round 1:

  1. Should I still have playdates or let me teens be social?
    1. We recommend against any playdates or teen meet-ups at this time.  The risk is too high.
  2. What can I do with my kids to increase social contact?
    1. Technology contact is the safest way to keep teens and kids connected.  Schedule a videochat with family or a classmate.  For teens, they are likely well connected online already.  Consider group events such as a Netflix Party
  3. I am not a teacher.  What do I do with my kids to create normalcy?
    1. Do what you can with what you have available.    Working parents may have to use more technology to get by.   If you have the time, there are many great resources popping up online and from teachers.  Ideally, create a schedule and stick to it.  Kids feel safer when they have routine and know what to expect. 
  4. If my child gets COVID, how sick will they be?
    1. Over 90% of children will either have no symptoms or a bad cold.  A few children will have severe symptoms which may require hospital support.  
  5. If my kid has asthma, are they at higher risk?
    1. It appears that children who have asthma are at higher risk from complications from any virus, including COVID.    If your child takes maintenance medicine for his/her asthma, continue them at this time and do not stop.   If you have questions about your asthma management, call our office.
  6. Do I use Tylenol or Ibuprofen if I need it?
    1. Some reports and early guidance suggested avoiding ibuprofen in kids with COVID.  However, currently the World Health Organization recommends either medicine as needed.  Remember, you only use it for symptoms control anyways.  It does not fix an underlying illness; it only makes children feel better in the moment.